SJ-R Article: April 2, 2023

As originally published by the State Journal Register on April 2, 2023 
Mitch Baker, Director of Community Impact, United Way of Central Illinois

On Friday, April 28, 2023, hundreds of volunteers will come together to participate in dozens of projects across the community, all at once. The event, called Day of Action, is an initiative of United Way of Central Illinois, which aims to bring people together to make a difference in their community and support local nonprofits.

This event is designed for anyone who wants to dip their tow into volunteering, and it is super easy and created for all community members. Looking for a teambuilding activity for your company? It’s a fun way to do some work outside the office, while creating impact in the community. For those who are new to volunteering, it is a great opportunity to be introduced to new organizations, and for many it can be their first contact with United Way. Last year, we asked teams how they liked the event and what their groups felt after the event. Overwhelmingly, we had positive responses about the opportunities to give back and feel a part of the community. Coworkers enjoyed getting out of the office and working together on a project. Friends enjoyed spending time together with a bigger purpose. Families loved the quality time it provided them. Each group also appreciated how easy the process was, and everyone encouraged others to sign up for future Day of Action activities.

To sign up for the event, individuals can visit our website and click “Volunteer”. You can register as an individual or as a team of volunteers. Nonprofits can also sign up for a project regardless of whether they have a United Way funded program or not.

Since the start of Day of Action, United Way has generated $419,804.93 of value for local nonprofits. This year, Springfield RISE, which is a new young professionals’ group in partnership with the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, will have a team participating in the event. United Way is excited to see young professionals stepping up and doing their part.

Did you know that younger generations are often eager to make a difference in their community, but they often need to feel a connection to a cause before they get involved? Do you feel that way or know someone who does? This is perfect way to get started! Day of Action directly connects people to causes so that they can then feel empowered to help more with that specific organization, project, or with United Way as a whole.
Day of Action is a great example of how the United Way is an organizer and convener in the community. This event serves as a way for the community to come together to make a difference and support local nonprofits.
To find out more, and to register, visit our website at and click on Volunteer. Registration ends this Friday, April 7th, so register today!

Mitch Baker, Director of Community Impact at United Way of Central Illinois. Learn more about UWCIL by visiting their website at and follow them on social media @UnitedWayofCentralIllinois on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.